Lake Ozette Sockeye

Lake Ozette Sockeye Steering Committee Presentations


Mike Haggerty Sockeye Abundance Presentation Sept 17 2015

Lake Ozette Sockeye Steering Committee

On April 1, 1981 the first meeting of the Lake Ozette Steering Committee was convened. Initially the steering committee focused on hatchery supplementation
plans. It included the following participants: the Makah Tribe, ONP, USFWS,
Washington State Department of Fisheries (WDF), University of Washington, and
Crown-Zellerbach Corporation. The committee met over the next two
years and helped to establish the Umbrella Creek hatchery. However, multi-agency
recovery efforts waned from 1983 to 1987.

On March 25, 1999, NMFS listed Lake Ozette sockeye salmon as threatened under the
Endangered Species Act (64 FR 14528). The threatened status under the ESA was
reaffirmed in 2005 (70 FR 37160). Largely as a result of the ESA 1999 listing, multiagency
efforts to coordinate research and recovery planning resumed, and the Lake
Ozette Steering Committee was reorganized and expanded to include NMFS as well as
local landowners and other interests. In 1999 and 2000, the Steering Committee formed a
hatchery working group to coordinate issues relating to development of a Hatchery and
Genetic Management Plan (HGMP)/Joint Resource Management Plan (JRMP) for Lake
Ozette sockeye salmon. A habitat working group was also formed to develop a ranked
list of potential limiting factors, as well as a ranked list of research and monitoring

The committee has remained active, generally meeting four times per year.